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Popular & Asnwers Questions for Custom Cookies

Would you be able to create the cookies in the shape of nail polish bottles with a logo on them if we sent the image? Absolutely, I would recommend creating a unique custom shape. Since all nail polish bottles are different - we would create a custom cookie cutter to match yours perfectly. The start up fee for the custom cookie cutter is $50. It takes about 1-2 weeks to create the cutter.

Is it possible to get a sample cookie created for the client to see?

Yes, that would be best. I recommend creating a printed version and a hand decorated (made with all frosting) version. The sample cost is $25 with 2 revisions included. We can prepare samples of 1 of each.

Are we able to pick the frosting colors for the cookies?

For sure, on hand decorated cookies, you can provide us with physical samples or a palette photo.

I have a design idea - but I need you to create the final design to print. Does your team design this for us and would it be an additional cost?

We would love to create the artwork to be printed on each cookie. There's a $25 dollar start up fee to create the artwork.

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